December 5, 2019

Team of British scientists arrive in the Antarctic to find 'missing meteorites'

“The group, from the University of Manchester, will spend six weeks scouring a remote region for lumps of iron that have fallen from the sky.” (BBC)

December 5, 2019

Weird balls of ice cover a beach in Finland

"This was [an] amazing phenomenon, [I've] never seen before," Tarja Terentjeff told CNN." The whole beach was full of these ice balls." (CTV News)

November 28, 2019

Fossils of ancient ape gives clues to when walking on two legs evolved

“The ape had arms suited to hanging in the trees, but human-like legs.” (BBC)


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APGO Education Foundation awards two scholarships to geoscience students

Congratulations Derek Leung, Laurentian University and Joachim de Fourestier, Carleton University.

APGO Education Foundation awards first Arsalan Mohajer bursary

In support of Internationally-Trained Geoscientists.


Volcanoes around the world (Kilauea, Rainier, Mazama, Yellowstone, Long Valley) erupt magmas with differing silica contents.

Where does your water come from? 50% of people in Ontario get their water from a surface water body like Lake Ontario. But what about the other 50%?

Ice age floodwater 650 feet deep - moving at 65 miles per hour - left Giant Current Ripples along the Columbia River at West Bar!

WATCH: The Miller Museum at Queen’s University is now home to an augmented reality sandbox where you can create your own 3D environment.

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